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The Flatley Family

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The Flatley Family

The Flatley Family

Worth 2018 €463 m (-6.09%)

Worth 2017 €493 m

  • Industry Inheritance

Thomas Flatley built a property empire in the US after emigrating there in 1950 with just over $30 to his name. The company at one stage employed 5,800 people and owned property in 56 cities across seven states, and he also owned a New Hampshire TV station, according to one report. He sold off a tranche of apartments for about $500m, and another chunk worth a similar amount in 2007. Later that year he also gave the Catholic Church in the city, by way of the Archdiocese of Boston, a number of valuable properties.

The staunchly Catholic businessman died in 2008, and his family are giving away a remaining chunk of the fortune he built to good causes. Throughout his life, locals in Boston recall he gave generously both to a wide range of local causes, as well as others in Ireland and Africa. A remaining chunk of properties from his extensive portfolio is managed by extended family members, and includes two waterfront development sites, an office park, and a landmark former sweet factory building.

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