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The Cleary Family

The Cleary Family 23
  • Industry Inheritance
  • 2018 Worth €800 m (-5.88%)
  • 2017 Worth €850 m
  • Progress - 3

Meath man Eamon Cleary started his career as a farmer and made his money in property. However, he passed away in 2012 aged just 53. It was his move to New Zealand in the 1990s that proved to be his biggest break, with Cleary getting into dairy farming just as the industry really started to take off. New Zealand Business Review estimated his fortune at €1bn before he died, but others suggested he might have been worth nearer €2bn. He owned a stud farm in Kentucky, and had extensive property interests around the world, including in the US, Australia and Eastern Europe, as well as agricultural and telecoms businesses in Chile and Argentina. The family - wife Catriona and eight children - is thought to have donated large sums to charity.

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