Thursday 21 November 2019

Danielle and Cillian Ryan

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Danielle and Cillian Ryan

Danielle and Cillian Ryan

Worth 2017 €166 m (1.22%)

Worth 2016 €164 m

  • Industry Inheritance

After a stint as an actress, Danielle Ryan moved into business on her own with a company called Roads, which she describes as a “contemporary and highly-creative lifestyle brand”. It sells expensive perfumes, high-end books on culture and produces films. However, the combined losses from four Roads subsidiaries in 2015 amounted to 1m, while the combined shareholder deficit at the four firms hit 3m.

Danielle (33) and her brother Cillian (34) inherited their father Cathal's share of billionaire Tony Ryan's fortune. The estate was worth 249m, with around 35m given to charity.

Danielle also heads up the Portico group, which handles the family's investments. She spends an increasing amount of time in LA, while Cillian breeds horses in Kildare.

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