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Revealed: Ireland's most convenient supermarket - and the county worst served


Stock Image: Getty Images/Caiaimage

Stock Image: Getty Images/Caiaimage


Stock Image: Getty Images/Caiaimage

Supervalu has been highlighted as the most convenient supermarket in Ireland, according to a location services IT provider.

Recent research from Gamma insights group has found that this store is the closest for almost one third (32pc) of the population here.

Its findings are based on an analysis of where people in each county live relative to the road network and the locations of supermarkets.

Unsurprisingly, Dublin residents are best covered with almost everyone in the county - 98pc - within a five minute drive from a store.

Leitrim, meanwhile, fares the worst as less than one third can get to a local store within the same timeframe.

Gamma CEO Feargal O’Neill said that, along with value for money, store location in grocery shopping is the most important factor in determining its success.

"For supermarkets, the shopper will travel further but will most likely go to one of their four or five closest supermarkets, with choice being determined by the trade-off between the pain of travel and the rewards of store attractiveness such as value, quality, environment and parking," he said.

"Convenience is of utmost importance for retailers because customers are time-poor. They want easy access, fast transactions and simple delivery options. As well as meeting these demands, supermarkets in Ireland need to stay ahead of the competition. This means choosing the right location to engage the target market – based on factors like travel time, parking facilities, collection points and delivery zones."

Lidl ranks second in Ireland for location convenience, as the study showed that it is the closest for 17pc of the population.

Joint third place is taken by Aldi, Dunnes Stores and Tesco, who are all closest for 10pc of consumers respectively.

However, on a county breakdown, Lidl is actually the most convenient in Kildare and Louth, and Dunnes Stores is closest for Offaly residents.

Gamma found that supermarket coverage within Ireland is generally good with 71pc of the population within five minutes of their nearest supermarket.

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