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'Regions need to encourage entrepreneurs'


Jobs Minister Richard Bruton

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton has disagreed with claims that the economic recovery is only visible in Dublin and not expanding to rural areas.

He was speaking in Sligo as he promoted the Government's Action Plan for Jobs in the Border Region.

Asked if he understood the general feeling that recovery was limited to the Dublin hinterland, the minister replied: "I don't think that's true. I mean, in the border region overall, 14,000 extra people are back at work so out of the 90,000 nationally, 14,000 are in the border region.

"Every region has seen growth in employment, over half of all the new employment created is outside of Dublin and the mid-east - so that whole eastern seaboard, over half is outside of that."

He said that in the regions there needs to be a good environment for start-ups. "Do they have places to go in terms of incubation and development, are they getting the support in mentoring, are they getting the breaks to maybe test some product or prototype?

"Those are things that can all be delivered regionally but it needs different layers to collaborate," he said.

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