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Redcastle open for business

THE Redcastle Hotel in Donegal remains open for business and is not affected by a creditors' meeting for its former operating partner, the hotel's management said last night.

Pisana Developments, which owns the hotel building, took over day-to-day management of the business on March 22 following the termination of a management contract with Carlton Redcastle Hotel.

Since then Pisana has taken on all 100 of the current hotel staff and is honouring all bookings and reservations.

General manager Ian Wynne said: "The hotel has simply ended an agreement with Carlton and will go on from strength to strength as the team looks to continue in an award-winning vein."

The Redcastle Hotel is a significant employer on the Inishowen peninsula and Ian Wynne said the hotel was currently recruiting to fill vacancies created by Carlton's departure at the end of last month.

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