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Recruitment tycoon Heraty sees green shoots in the jobs markets

Irish recruitment firm CPL has seen a 30 per cent jump in demand for temping staff -- a development its boss, Anne Heraty, believes could herald the end of the recession.

"Temping staff numbers are definitely increasing," said Heraty. "That's a good sign. If employers are starting to see a greater demand for their services, they take on temps as they are initially a bit nervous about taking on full-time staff. Coming out of a recession, you'll often see an increase in demand for temping staff -- which then leads into permanent staff being taken on."

Last January, CPL placed 5,100 people in temporary jobs compared with 3,900 the year before. There has also been an increase in the number of permanent jobs available.

Heraty said that employers were now more likely to replace staff who had left -- something which was not the case over the past two years.

"People are also more confident about moving jobs today," she added. "In 2009 and 2010, people were afraid to move jobs -- even if there was an opportunity to do so."

There is a strong demand for IT staff and accountants. "Companies are concerned about skills shortages in IT," she said. "Finance and accountancy are strong, and demand for professional and administration skills is in general improving."

Heraty, however, is concerned about long-term unemployment, which increased over the last year. "Long-term unemployment is a real challenge and history shows us it takes a long time and serious economic growth to see improvement," she said.

In a trading statement last week, CPL said its full-year profits were likely to be in line with market expectations. "We are experiencing some signs of improvement across our various businesses, and our operations overseas are performing well," it said. "We expect improvement in market conditions in the coming months."

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