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Ray Nolan aims to treble size of mobile payments firm Ezetop

SERIAL entrepreneur Ray Nolan was revealed in this paper as a director of ex-Esat boss Mark Roden's Irish mobile pay firm Ezetop, which he tells me is his main project right now.

He's not an investor beyond a small director's standard earn of 3 per cent, but the Hostelworld founder is heavily immersed in its latest plans.

"When you see the transaction rate (well over 80,000 pay sends a day), it's a pretty attractive business," he said when we caught up on Thursday ahead of the launch of its consumer business, called Ding.

"Business to consumers e-commerce is my bread and butter and the opportunity for me is to help them build their own dotcom brand," he said. "That's my expertise, building a world-class brand with a real opportunity to multiply." He thinks the transaction rate there can treble or more soon.

Is he putting money behind all this big talk?

"I don't see funding as an immediate requirement as it's in great shape and has all the runway it needs, but I've been knocking at Mark's door for quite a while," he told us.

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