Thursday 22 August 2019

'Quotas may be needed to shift the dial'


Vodafone Ireland's Enterprise Director Regina Moran
Vodafone Ireland's Enterprise Director Regina Moran

Michael Cogley

Quotas for women in leadership roles may be necessary to bring change to Irish corporate culture, according to Regina Moran, enterprise director with Vodafone Ireland.

"I used to think that quotas were a bad idea and I am still not 100pc personally convinced, but if you look at representations on boards of females, if you look at overall the number of CEOs in Ireland that are female, you have to say that overall maybe we need to think about quotas to get the dial shifted," said Moran.

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She made the comments in the new podcast series, Women in Tech.

Moran, pictured, said that at Vodafone senior leadership was now 50/50 but that had taken place following significant work from CEO Anne O'Leary and the whole organisation.

Moran also spoke about the need to make girls think differently about maths from a young age."I think there is maybe a built in unconscious bias amongst all of us.

"I think there is a myth that girls are not good at maths, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that's the case.

"At the ages of four, five, six there is no difference if you go into a co-ed school. As they get a little bit older, that sense that there are things girls should do and there are things boys should starts coming in," she said. "We need to address that confidence very early on, and instil in girls early on that they can be anything they want to be."

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