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Property management discussions in Croke Park

The Irish Property & Facility Management Association is to focus on various new approaches to management of property at its annual conference, which will take place on September 27 at the Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin.

"Asset and facility managers are now practicing in not only challenging, but constantly changing times, that require a totally new approach", says Sean Aylward, chairman of the IPFMA.

Danny McCoy, director general IBEC, is the keynote speaker.

Frank Conlon, manager of the IDA property division, will talk on 'Property: A User's Perspective'.

Other speakers on the professional expert panel include Dawson Stelfox, chairman of Consarc Design Group and director of Consarc Conservation, who will be asking 'Can Old Buildings be Green Buildings?'

Ralph Montague, founder of Arcdox , will speak on 'A New Approach to Construction & Management'.

Don Nugent, the director at Dundrum Town Centre , will present a case study.

The conference will be chaired by John Brophy, who is the chairman of the Association of Shopping Centre Managers.

The delegate rate for the conference is €200 for IPFMA members and €250 for non-members.

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