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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Political reaction: Shock ... rage ... anger

Inquiry: Kevin Humphreys,Labour deputy for Dublin South-East
Inquiry: Kevin Humphreys,Labour deputy for Dublin South-East
Anger: Minister for Education and Skills Ruairi Quinn

* Believe you me, I understand the rage of so many people who have been affected by all of this... You had a situation where the government of the day was fuelling the construction economy where there was light-touch regulation and this is the result."

Taoiseach Enda Kenny

* I think that what we have heard on these tapes underlines the necessity for an inquiry into what happened prior to the bank guarantee, about who said what to whom, about who was influencing who, about how key and damaging decisions ...were made."

Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore

* I kind of worked out that was happening. I remember Brian Lenihan coming into the Dail and saying to us €7bn; then a couple of weeks later it was a higher figure, and a couple of weeks later it was a higher figure again."

Finance Minister Michael Noonan

* The whole country is very angry at (how) our national economic sovereignty was forfeited effectively by the way in which the then-government hitched taxpayers to the liabilities taken out by the banks."

Education Minister Ruari Quinn

* It is a reminder of the failures that occurred. Clearly, there is a belief that we need an inquiry. Any inquiry has to work within the constraints that are allowed and that will be the approach that will have to be taken."

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton

* The revelations in the Irish Independent about recordings at Anglo show the urgent need for a banking inquiry to get the facts about what was going on inside our banking system in 2008 in the run-up to FF bailing them out."

Labour Dublin South-East TD Kevin Humphreys

* The public are angry and aghast... We urgently need answers to exactly how and why the collapse happened... Not merely to understand it, but to make sure such a terrible catastrophe can never happen again."

Labour Galway West TD Derek Nolan

* These revelations are shocking. They prove that an investigation is needed into events surrounding the bank guarantee and subsequently that people must be prosecuted for their roles in collapsing the Irish economy." SF Finance Spokesman Pearse Doherty

* Any suggestion that the taxpayer was lured into bailing out Anglo under a false impression about the state of the bank's financial condition is deeply disturbing and has to be fully investigated by the authorities."

FF Finance Spokesman Michael McGrath

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