Sunday 8 December 2019

Policies are in line with Farmleigh forum aims, says report

John Mulligan

THE Department of Foreign Affairs has said the Government retains a "firm commitment" to advance development work begun following last September's Global Economic Forum 'think-in' at Farmleigh.

Releasing a progress report yesterday on the forum, the department maintained that the "broad economic policy and call for leadership" advocated by many participants were "reflected significantly" in the last Budget.

It also said that measures aimed at encouraging innovation and maintaining Ireland as a "friendly and supportive environment for international business" had contributed to a "substantive and forward-looking brand that Ireland can project to the world market".

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Ireland fell last year, with the number of jobs it created falling by 42pc. The number of jobs created by FDI fell to 7,500 from 12,900 in 2008, according to a report by National Irish Bank and FDI Intelligence.

Last week, the IDA unveiled plans to deliver 62,000 new jobs via FDI between now and 2014, which in turn could support a further 105,000 indigenous jobs.

The Farmleigh update said so-called 'regional Farmleighs' would take place in a number of countries this year, with many meetings being held next week by government ministers on trips abroad for St Patrick's Day.

The report also noted that the Government was working to establish what it called the Farmleigh Overseas Graduate Programme. The initial focus is expected to be Asia, eventually providing up to 500 placements abroad for Irish people.

It added that a major Irish cultural programme was being planned for 2011 in the US. St Patrick's Day will be used to tell international commentators and business that Ireland is "firmly on the road to recovery and is following a well-planned strategy to restore prosperity".

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