Wednesday 21 August 2019

PICTURE: Parking like this at a busy Dublin shopping centre is not acceptable - no matter how hard it is to find a space Business Desk Business Desk

Those who thought the parking nightmare was over once Christmas Day has been and gone are very much mistaken.

Die hard shoppers will always find energy over the festive season to catch a bargain at the Winter Sales - and their respective car parks are laden down as a result.

Many will try and squeeze into the tiniest spare spot - but taking a leaf out of this elderly couple's book is probably not advisable.

Security CCTV footage picked up this car just about to drive right into the Dundrum Shopping Centre, believing it was the entrance to the car park.

"They told the security man that stopped them and helped reverse the car that they heard that Dundrum had lovely car park entrances," a spokesperson for Dundrum Town Centre told 

"When they realised what they had done, they were mortified. The security man had to manoeuvre the car back out the entrance for them!"

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