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Patrick Guilbaud continues to serve up profits

The country's most celebrated restaurant continues to trade profitably through the recession, new figures have revealed.

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud is Ireland's only restaurant with two Michelin stars and accounts just filed by the company that operates the establishment, Becklock Ltd, show that its accumulated profits increased from €184,427 to €201,630 in the year to the end of August last -- an increase of €17,203.

The company also recorded a profit in 2009.

The abridged accounts provide very limited information as Becklock Ltd is a small company, but the firm's director Stephane Robin said yesterday that he was happy with how the restaurant performed last year.

"We have worked through a number of recessions, 1987 and 1991 for instance, so we just keep our head down and try to do our best," he said.

"Survival is the name of the game at the moment, but we'll be okay. It is not easy, but we are doing what we like to do."

The 18-table restaurant, which also includes a private dining room, was first established in 1981. A number of the country's top chefs are amongst its 40 staff.

It has retained its two Michelin stars since 1996 and moved to its current surroundings beside Dublin's Merrion Hotel from St James's Place in 1997.

Mr Robin said that he was "very positive for next year as there are a lot of events planned for the National Conference Centre and everyone is very, very active in bringing visitors to Dublin. Everyone is doing their bit".

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