Tuesday 13 November 2018


What car do you drive and have you a no-claims bonus?

It's a Nissan Almera and I'm proud to say I've never had a crash I was responsible for! I did come to driving a bit late (in my mid-20s), so there's plenty of time for that yet.

Have you any penalty points?

No. I'm a desperately sensible driver. I'm usually the one shaking his fist through the windscreen at idiots in BMWs overtaking outside schools in 40km/h zones (true story).

What was your first job and salary?

My first actual salaried position was my first radio shift on East Coast Radio in Wicklow in 1993. I was 20 and it paid the glorious sum of £80 for playing schmaltzy love songs late at night six nights a week! And no, that wasn't a lot of money in those days. I'd just moved out of home for the first time with my then girlfriend (now my wife) and we couldn't afford to get a phone hooked up.

you any family connection with business?

Not closely, although my grandfather owned a quite successful scaffolding business up until the late Nineties and the in-laws are part of an undertaking (!) dynasty.

Who would you like to see as Minister for Finance?

Bono. I don't trust any politicians. He'd certainly see to it that those at the bottom end of the scale were taken care of and, as has been proven with them moving their publishing affairs to Holland, he'd know a thing or two about making sure all our tax liabilities would be minimised.

Which businessman/woman do you most admire?

I do understand why people get into business and am envious of their abilities when I feck up with my overdraft again but I usually reserve my admiration for creative types.

Do you own an iPod? If so, what was the last track you downloaded?

I have a far superior (and cheaper!) Creative Labs Zen. I get sent almost every new single by record companies so I don't really download stuff from the internet. I'm a huge technophile but when I do buy older music for myself I'm still one of those philistines who prefers to have the hard, cool plastic of a CD case in my hand. The last CD I bought was Joni Mitchell's album Blue.

What was your best investment?

I'm one of the least likely people you could meet who would have any interest in investing. I'd have to have spare money left over for that kind of thing! I do have a long-standing pension, though.

Today would you invest in property, shares, cash or other?

I agree with Lex Luthor that people are always going to need land, so property it would have to be.

Do you own property abroad?


Is your mortgage rate fixed or variable?


Have you switched your bank or moved your mortgage in the last couple of years?

I was with Bank of Ireland for as long as I could remember (probably some 'free skateboard' inducement when I was in college) until a couple of years ago when their service at my local branch went rapidly downhill. I walked (literally) across the road, opened new accounts with Ulster Bank and have been quite happy since.

Has your bank, building society or another financial services company ever overcharged you?

Not that I'm aware of but I have hopes for the future.

Have you an SSIA? Will you splurge or invest the windfall?

I haven't, and I hate everyone who has! Maybe hate is too strong a word. I probably just loathe them. Bringing up a family, money was just too tight at the time they were introduced to consider getting involved and so I'll be putting off my boat/Porsche/villa for a while still.

you a will?

Ever since my first child was born. It just seemed essential in case anything ever happened to us.

What is your salary? (a) ?20-?50k; (b) ?50-?100k; (c) ?100-?200k; (d) ?250k+

More than (a) but not enough to get me into the FOI list of best-paid presenters just yet!

Which mobile provider do you use: 02, Vodafone, Meteor or 3?

Vodafone, although I am open to being courted with cheaper rates!

What would you spend more money on each year? Petrol or restaurants?

Unfortunately it's petrol, and that has just become a sad realisation. Although we love to eat out whenever we can, working nights for around 11 of the last 13 years has meant that weeknight socialising has been kept to a minimum.

How much is a litre of milk?

I wouldn't have a bog's notion and that's not one of those "my people do that kind of thing for me" that you read when they ask this question in Empire magazine. I buy milk every day - with the bread, papers, nappies, etc - but have absolutely no idea how the whole bill breaks down. I just fork over the damage.

What are your favourite radio and television programmes?

Again, with the working nights I don't get to watch a lot of TV and that's probably a good thing. The only things I religiously record are Mastermind, University Challenge (I'm a major quiz buff), Dr Who, Saxondale, Blizzard of Odd, The Sky at Night, Talking Movies, Spongebob Squarepants and documentaries that catch my eye on BBC2 or More4. I don't listen to a lot of radio at all (probably an offence in my business) but I try to catch Morning Ireland, News at One or 5-7 Live every day. If we're in the car it's almost always 2FM or Spin, but I love Ray D'Arcy's taste in music and when I'm at the PC I catch Zane Lowe and Chris Moyles on BBC R1.

Who makes the financial decisions in your house, you or your spouse/partner?

A bit of both, although her decisions are always far more sensible and realistic than mine. Any time she takes the helm it's usually plain sailing; any time I take the helm it's always a bit of an Exxon Valdez.Your best career moment?

Now. And I genuinely mean that. I've just started a new show in Dave Fanning's old 6pm slot that allows me to play the music I believe in and interview people from TV, bands, movie stars, and just talk to callers on the phones. I've wanted to do something talk-based ever since I got involved in radio but, I suppose, because of the way my career progressed, no one ever thought I'd be capable or appropriate. The last couple of weeks, working with a brilliant production team, have just been the best so far.

What, in your opinion, are the reasons for the Celtic Tiger?

A butterfly flapping its wings in Venezuela. We should beware of the recently reported swarm of mosquitoes twirling anti-clockwise in Zaire.

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