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Wednesday 14 November 2018


What car do you drive and do you still have a no-claims bonus?

A silver Audi A4 Cabriolet (give us a wave) - and I still have my no-claims bonus.

What was your first job and salary?

In 1977, I had a summer job on a building site beside the city morgue in Dublin where I was 'the nipper'. I always point out the building to my kids and say: "I helped to build that." I got £11.72 a week - you could buy a lot of records in the Seventies with that.

At what times do you start and finish work?

I'm in just after 6am and leave around lunchtime, though I do some recordings and events which can take all day.

Do you do any business online?

I love technology and have bought quite a bit of equipment online. I also buy books, software and DVDs.

Who would you like to see as Minister for Finance?

would be fun to see if Eddie Hobbs actually has the courage of his convictions and the wherewithal to handle the coffers any better. I do think Brian Cowen is doing a pretty good job.

Do you have a will?

No - I know I should.

What are your favourite TV and radio programmes? [Excluding the news]

I think RTE TV has really got its act together recently with some excellent shows like The Panel, Love Is the Drug and Prime Time Investigates. I love all of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's shows and fair play to TG4 for bringing Curb Your Enthusiasm to our screens before anyone else. On radio, I like The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Today FM, Liveline with Joe Duffy on Radio 1 and Sean Moncrieff on Newstalk.

What type of credit card do you have and do you borrow on it?

Mastercard and Visa - one for personal use and one for business use. Do I borrow? Is that not the point of them?

Are you ever overdrawn or always in credit?

Last year my ATM card was declined for most of the year - I'm told that this was an organisational problem on my part rather than a financial one and, having rearranged a few accounts, things are looking a lot brighter now.

Do you know exactly how much you are worth?

Haven't the foggiest idea.

Today would you invest in property, shares, cash or other?

I think property is a dependable investment these days. Having said that, I'd love to get a few quid together that I don't need and start investing in shares for fun.

What is your investment tip of the year?

I think the internet is back around again and it might be the time to look at web investments with new confidence.

Favourite restaurant?

The Unicorn is still the 'buzziest' in Ireland - I also like Shanahan's on St Stephen's Green and Casa Pasta in Howth.

Where do you holiday?

We've been going to Portugal every year since 1990.

Do you belong to any clubs?

I'm a founding member of the RTE Sports Club and the Wednesday Club (the latter's two rules are that you can't ask what it is and you can't apply to join).

Greatest sporting moment?

My one and only birdie in Sutton Golf Club two years ago.

Which businessman/woman do you most admire?

Denis O'Brien, because he's restless and always seems to be making a clever move.

Do you have a computer at your desk?

I'm typing on it right now - it's hooked up to broadband on a wireless router.

What's your business ambition?

To invent the format to beat all formats on TV and sell it to 34 different countries in 12 languages with DVD, board game and PlayStation rights sold separately.

How did you do in the Leaving?

I honestly don't know - I was so passionate about my job as a radio presenter that, whatever the results were, they just didn't come into the equation at the time.

How long is left to pay on your mortgage? [If any time]

Too long.

What type of SSIA do you have?

Missed the gravy train.

Which gets more of your time - work life or family life?

Family life - I work to live - although I'm always thinking about plans for the Breakfast Show in the background.

Best moment in business?

My best business decision was moving to Today FM.

What is your salary?

a) ?20-50k; b) ?50-100k;

c) ?100-200k; d) ?250k+

Does anyone EVER answer this question?

What football team do you support?

Chelsea FC - people think that I started supporting them after Damien and Jose arrived but if you ask my mother she'll verify that my 10th birthday present was a Chelsea kit with Ian Hutchinson's number 10 on the back.

Who makes the decisions in your house? You or your partner/spouse?

With 16- , 12- and 9-year-olds, neither of us gets a look in really - we just sit on the couch handing out the dosh.

Ian Dempsey is the morning show presenter on Today FM each weekday from 7 to 9am.

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