Wednesday 21 November 2018

PAPER PROPHET Aoife Ni Thuairisg

What car do you drive and do you still have a no-claims bonus?

I drive a Peugeot 406 and yes my no-claims bonus is miraculously still intact!

Do you have any penalty points?

No, I'm a cailin maith on the road.

What was your first job and salary?

I guess it was helping my grandmother with her Irish college students, I earned the grand sum of £30 a week.

Do you have any family connection with business?

I started my own confectionary delivery business after finishing the Leaving Cert. I was delivering some goodies to an office and the folks there asked me to screen test for a TV station they were starting up. The rest, as they like to say, is history.

Who would you like to see as Minister for Finance?

Eddie Hobbs - he talks the talk, would he walk the walk?

Which businessman/woman do you most admire?

Deirdre Nic Chathmhaoil from Ri na Mara Irish Seaweed Cosmetics. They are sponsoring Wimbledon Beo on TG4 - quite an accomplishment for a young Gaeltacht company and she recently won BPW Business Woman of The Year.

Do you own an iPod? If so, what was the last track you downloaded?

Yes, I'm ashamed to say I've never downloaded any tracks on to it - I leave that to the engineer in the house, my fiance Eoin.

What was your best investment?

Do shoes count? Well actually I think it has to be a George Callaghan painting. I'm a big fan and got a beautiful piece a few months ago.

What is the worst investment decision you ever made?

Do shoes count?

Today would you invest in property, shares, cash or other?

I prefer to invest in art. It gives you more pleasure every day than an apartment in a foreign country that might take you five hours to fly to.

Do you own any property abroad?


Is your mortgage rate fixed or variable?

I don't have a mortgage. I'm getting married soon so I guess my mortgage-free days are numbered.

Have you switched your bank in the last couple of years?


Has your bank, building society or another financial services company ever overcharged you?

Yes, AIB just sent me a 95¢ refund. Drinks are on me!

Do you have an SSIA? Will you splurge or invest the windfall?

Yes, I do have a SSIA. There are a few artists that I would love to buy pieces from but I'll have to wait and see what the hubby has to say about that.

Which mobile phone provider do you use: 02, Vodafone, Meteor or 3?

I'm with Vodafone but since I got a Motorola the coverage has been really patchy and the phone is a disaster. I am going to change it as soon as possible.

What would you spend more money on each year? Petrol or restaurants?

Restaurants. I absolutely adore eating out. I have just discovered a fantastic Thai restaurant in Chelsea called The Blue Elephant.

How much is a litre of milk?

No idea. I don't buy milk and haven't a clue how much groceries cost. The only thing I ever watch price wise is washing power tablets.

Who makes the financial decisions in your house, you or your spouse/partner?

My credit card limit! Ah no I'm pretty well behaved these days and I've become a good little saver so I'm really proud of myself actually.

What is your best career moment?

I've had a few highlights to date, Paisean Faisean, Ni Gaeilgeoir Me but at the moment, after meeting Agassi, Federer and Nadal, it's Wimbledon 2006,

What, in your opinion, are the reasons for the Celtic Tiger?

Opportunity and materialism. I think there is a massive spiritual vacuum in Irish society and we seem to think that money can fill it.

TG4 presenter Aoife Ni Thuairisg joined the station in 1997. She is currently hosting 'Wimbledon Beo'

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