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Orreco looks to bring elite sport tech to the masses


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Athlete stock

Athlete stock

IRISH sports performance company Orreco expects to bring elite sports tech to the mass markets in the near future after it developed a tool with IBM that aids sports coaches.

The firm's founder Dr Brian Moore says amateur athletes will be able to use actionable data to help personalise their training.

Orreco uses athlete performance data and bioinformatics to help elite athletes reduce the risk of injury.

In the latest edition of IBM's global podcast 'Wild Ducks' Dr Moore said he is looking to bring the software to mass market.

"I think we’ve got to transition from wearable to actionable technology, and we think the algorithms that we’re developing will, in time, have applications for everyone at home," he said.

Dr Moore continued, saying that amateur athletes who could be training almost as much as some professionals have to face the difficulties of having a full-time job.

“They could be also running, training 12-weeks for the NY Marathon and then running around with a ferritin of 10 so they’re iron deficient.

“So they’re putting more and more in and getting hardly anything back. So, by simple monitoring, using the same principles of the elite, you can actually massively improve your performance," Dr Moore said.

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