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Open Orphan enters Covid-19 antibody testing partnership


Open Orphan chairman Cathal Friel

Open Orphan chairman Cathal Friel

Open Orphan chairman Cathal Friel

A subsidiary of Open Orphan has started antibody testing in the UK, which aims to determine if people were previously infected with Covid-19.

Open Orphan is a Europe- focused pharma services company specialising in rare disease and so-called orphan drugs.

Its subsidiary Hvivo has entered into an exclusive contract with Quotient, a commercial-stage diagnostics company, to carry out tests.

The test is designed as a serological disease screen specific to Covid-19.

It detects the IgG and IgM antibodies that humans develop when infected by the coronavirus.

Cathal Friel, chairman of Open Orphan, said: "We are delighted to exclusively partner with Quotient to bring fast and accurate Covid-19 antibody testing to the UK.

There is a clear demand for Covid-19 antibody testing and we will be making testing available both as a standalone offering and will also utilize the testing capability to screen volunteers for our industry leading range of human challenge studies to ensure no disruption to our clients."

Meanwhile, Open Orphan has appointed FinnCap as its joint broker with immediate effect.

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