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Only half of CPA accountants back EU treaty

HALF of all certified public accountants will either vote No or are undecided about the upcoming referendum on the EU fiscal compact, a new survey has found.

The study by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPA) in Ireland found 38pc of CPA accountants here have not yet decided how they will vote in the referendum, while 12pc will definitely vote against the treaty, even though 90pc of those surveyed claimed remaining in the eurozone was good for Irish business.

Only half of the 623 members who responded to the survey will definitely vote Yes on May 31.

Most of those who will vote against the compact or who are not sure how they will vote blamed the lack of information available on their decision, or lack of any so far.


ICPA president Gail McEvoy said the results reflected the split in society as a whole.

"The majority of our members believe it is in Ireland's interests to remain in the eurozone and [nearly all] appreciate the benefits of the eurozone in terms of doing business. However, the fact that almost four in 10 of those surveyed are still undecided about which way to vote illustrates the ambiguity that exists in the public discourse about this issue.

"It is imperative that the Government takes the appropriate steps now to fill this vacuum with accurate and impartial information to assist voters in making a decision," she said.

While the vast majority of the Yes voters believe the vote will tighten our relationship with Europe, there is scepticism that passing the referendum will lead to more jobs and investment here.

Three-quarters of the accountants believe there should be a measure for debt reduction included in the conditions of the treaty if it is to pass.

Irish Independent