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One man band super-app turns phone into recording studio and publisher


ONE-MAN BAND: From left, John Holland and Kevin Godley of musicians app Wholeworldband. Photo: Justin Farrelly

ONE-MAN BAND: From left, John Holland and Kevin Godley of musicians app Wholeworldband. Photo: Justin Farrelly

ONE-MAN BAND: From left, John Holland and Kevin Godley of musicians app Wholeworldband. Photo: Justin Farrelly

Every teenager has at some stage wanted to be in a band. However, not many have the stamina to learn to play a musical instrument. Even if you did accomplish this feat there is the sticky problem of trying to finance an album, not to mention the almost impossible feat of finding an A&R man to turn up at your gig and hand you a recording contract.

So, it's just as well that John Holland teamed up with Kevin Godley, of Godley & Creme and 10cc fame, and decided to eliminate all the grief.

John Holland and Kevin Godley's firm, Wholeworldband, have created a simple downloadable, easy to use programme that transforms your phone into a full recording and TV studio complete with an unlimited pool of session musicians - other users.

Wholeworldband which is available as a free iPhone and iPad super-app allows anyone to make music and videos that can be shared and enjoyed worldwide. Even better, it allows star-struck novices to collaborate and contribute to the latest recordings of world famous artistes; an opportunity never likely to occur down in the local pub on Karaoke night.

The super-app lists the finished album for sale via a variety of internet music platforms. In one go, everyone can become a one man band; even better, you do not have to be an accomplished musician. Already a slew of the biggest names in music have become customers including Ronnie Wood and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics fame. Not surprisingly U2's Paul McGuinness has invested a good few bob in the venture,

Wholeworldband is based in Media Cube, at the Institute of Art Design and Technology campus in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Co-founder and music aficionado Holland takes up the story: "My friends developed the idea and introduced me to Kevin Godley. They later asked me to become CEO and so I ditched the six-figure salary as chief technology officer at Ericsson for a start-up.

"The app allows anyone to make music and video using only an iPad or iPhone. The system already has users ranging from major professionals such as Stewart Copeland of The Police to David Gray, as well as many thousands of beginners."

"It features easy recording of multi-track music and video along with complete built-in rights management.

"Wholeworldband allows anyone to easily make music and videos with or without their favourite artists and friends that can be shared worldwide."

Launched at the end of 2013, to date the technology has won a host of international awards including the Grand Prix at last year's Eircom Spider Awards.

Already, the Dublin firm has facilitated over 20,000 music-recording sessions. However, long term they have their sights set on signing up millions of users.

Godley has the last word: "There are thousands of artistes performing on Wholeworldband: from beginners to big international names, and you can play with them, or just make your own video mix featuring the people you like.

"What you add - sound or vision - is the point of Wholeworldband. Musicians getting paid their worth is a major part of Wholeworldband's ethos.

"It is not just for music professionals, it is for budding songwriters and fans who want to perform with their music heroes and friends."

The super-app is licensed in 34 countries with an airtight copyright system in place for the users. T

The company takes a small commission on all sales.

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