Friday 23 March 2018

One high-flyer and a bet that can't go wrong

Tom McGurk, Broadcaster

GIVEN the current state of the country's fortunes, is it not significant that one as economically incompetent as my good self should have done so well in this competition?

Equally does it not prove that, in truth, behind all the economic gobbledegook we hear every day, we are really all like punters awaiting the three o'clock at Fairyhouse? Come to think of it, if all the economists are so clever, how come they didn't see coming what eventually came?

So back to my tips for the year and I am loath to change many of my excellent runners from last year.

Once again Ryanair manages to eclipse the economic climate. I'm afraid O'Leary's genius is as a result of, among many skills, his sheer ruthlessness. Travel tax, no way -- cut routes. Unions causing rows, no way -- cut routes. Airport authorities under the impression that they run the airport -- cut routes. Astonishingly, O'Leary is so lucky because, in anticipation of a nuclear war in the old days of the Cold War, the US secretly financed all sorts of small airports all across Europe.

These days most of them gather dust and long for a second look from the Mullingar man. His landing options are huge and he can reinvent his routes map every Monday.

I'm afraid that with recession goes gambling. The lure of the soft lights in the shop and the camaraderie of the fellow unemployed makes Paddy Power once again a no-brainer -- and internet gambling is growing all the time.

Aviva! Aviva! Quite a piece of advertising that they have built down at Lansdowne Road. Apparently they wanted a huge neon sign across the stadium roof spelling out their name but the burghers of Dublin 4 have put bigger fish to the sword.

One thing we will not stop doing in Ireland is eating. We may soon happily rediscover once again that our greatest wealth is our magnificent land. Grow, grow, grow in 2011. Kerry Group is at the heart of it.

After a very strong re-branding and marketing campaign, FBD is in a strong position in spite of current economic difficulties.

Finally, Greencore, so much more than sandwich makers!

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