Friday 22 November 2019

O'Carroll is laughing as profits soar

THE imposing Dublin matriarch for whom he has become so famous in recent years would no doubt cast a cold eye over the good news, or pass a witty comment.

But Brendan O'Carroll is laughing his way to the bank after his company Mrs Brown's Boys Limited raked in €250,000 in profits for the financial year last year.

That was up from €45,551.

The rapid success in recent years of the hit comedy show is well documented, and it has been picked up in countries around the world as well as topping ratings at home.

As the Irish mammy would say herself: "Isn't life a fecking rollercoaster?"

But O'Carroll must also be commended for his charitable work. Accounts show that more than €46,000 was donated to charitable causes by the company last year.

No doubt the Dubliner is hoping the rollercoaster will keep going.

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