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Noonan using positive thinking

IT'S all about remaining positive. If you remain upbeat, everything will eventually come together.

Well, Finance Minister Michael Noonan (pictured) appears to feel that way.

The veteran TD appeared at the Chartered Accountants Leinster luncheon yesterday and boy did he have a spring in his step.

He even quipped that he was going through an "optimistic phase at the moment".

Mr Noonan began his unscripted address -- much to the slight annoyance of the assembled media who were clutching his planned, scripted speech -- by stating that the referendum challenge in the Supreme Court had been won by the Government, the property market was stabilising and retail sales were up.

"On days like today you feel that you might be succeeding," he said.

And with Angela Merkel telling the Taoiseach that Ireland was a shining example on how the EU will emerge from the crisis, a warm glow fell over the Government yesterday.

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