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New firm offers to carry luggage to avoid Ryanair extra bag charge


MICHAEL O’LEARY: Food for thought for the Ryanair boss

MICHAEL O’LEARY: Food for thought for the Ryanair boss

MICHAEL O’LEARY: Food for thought for the Ryanair boss

AN Irish luggage-carrying company is targeting millions of Ryanair's customers with the launch of a new website.

SendMyBag is a door-to- door luggage transportation service which picks up bags at people's houses and then delivers them to their holiday destinations, with the idea being that it allows fliers to travel luggage-free.

The online service launched an Irish website on Friday, SendMyBag.ie. Since being founded in 2010, the company now employs 12 people and has handled over 100,000 bags. They say that they are focusing on the 20pc of Ryanair's more than 80 million passengers who take a check-in bag with them on a flight.

"Because Ireland is the home of Ryanair, it is a huge opportunity for us," said SendMyBag CEO Adam Ewart. "About 20pc of Ryanair's 80 million customers will pay for a bag - that's 16 million people who check in bags and Ryanair don't want them."

The company delivers to over 100 countries, although not as many will initially be available to Irish users. At the moment, Irish customers can get up to 30kg of luggage brought to and from most of mainland Europe for €80 return, with €5.50 charged on every kilogramme above 30kg. It is also currently delivering from Ireland to New York on a trial basis, with a view to making it permanent in the coming months.

Ewart say that SendMyBag is aiming to have 30,000 Irish customers over the next 12 months as part of an international expansion.

"Ireland was always going to be the next one. Next year we want to send 30,000 bags in and out of Ireland. The big goal is to be handling a million bags worldwide in two-and-a-half years."

A Ryanair spokesman said that the airline mishandles less bags than any of its rivals, adding that just a fifth of its customers check in a bag.

In a statement, they also explained that Ryanair customers may now bring two free bags onboard.

""Every Ryanair customer enjoys an allowance of two free cabin bags, and just 20pc of our customers check-in a bag, while Ryanair also mishandles fewer bags than any other airline," a spokesperson said.

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