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Nadine enjoys a €330,000 windfall from Girls Aloud


girls aloud

girls aloud

girls aloud

Derry native Nadine Coyle has received more than €330,000 from the wind-up of the firm behind one of the most successful girl bands in history, Girls Aloud.

This follows new documents lodged with Companies House in the UK showing that the five band members have shared a windfall of over £1.2m (€1.655m).

Tapeview Ltd was voluntarily wound up last year as the members sought to cash in on their worldwide success.

The band, which also counted Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts as members, split up in 2013.

During their time together, Girls Aloud sold 4m albums and 4.3m singles with some of the band's number ones including the award-winning 'The Promise'.

Arising from the winding up, Nadine Coyle and the other band members have each received £243,574 (€331,907).

The documents lodged by liquidator Sean Croston of Grant Thornton, show that each band member first received £216,140 (€294,524) last October.

In addition, Mr Croston said that on April 2, he paid £27,434 (€37,383) to Ms Coyle and the other four from a £137,174 (€187,043) company cash pile.

The average hourly rate charged by Mr Croston's firm was £268 with the final bill at £10,480 after more than 38 hours spent on the liquidation.

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