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Morgan O'Sullivan

THE deal-maker behind the new TV blockbuster Camelot will this year see his plans to move the Irish film industry further into the international arena realised.

Born in Dublin in 1945, Morgan O'Sullivan was a child star in RTE radio's The Foley Family. After school he worked with a studio, making commercials and documentaries, and a newsreel company. He earned his broadcasting and production spurs in Australia and Ireland, progressing to work with major international studios on TV and film production and development.

In 1986 he enticed MTM Enterprises into Ireland, putting together a consortium to buy Ardmore Studios, where he was MD until 1990. When Ardmore was sold he moved to Los Angeles, developing deals with NBC and HBO.

Michael D Higgins's introduction of tax breaks for fimmakers reset his focus to Ireland, and he began talking to US film studios about producing here. His big coup was attracting Mel Gibson's Braveheart, released in 1995.

After its Oscar win, he set up World 2000 Entertainment, which co-produced a number of films, including Veronica Guerin, Angela's Ashes and the Emmy-winning TV show The Tudors.

O'Sullivan was executive-producer on Camelot, which was made at Ardmore for US cable giant Starz in 2010.

Talks are in progress for a new series of Camelot and for the development of a big-budget TV series project, The Vikings, backed by MGM.

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