Monday 18 November 2019

More 'business' people read Sunday Indo

Nick Webb

THE Sunday Independent is once again the nation's favourite newspaper, according to the latest JNRS survey, with 905,000 readers – or more than a quarter of the adult population of Ireland.

More senior business readers (181,000 AB readers) take the Sunday Independent compared with any other newspaper. The Sunday Independent is the number one choice in all key readership groups with 181,000 AB readers, 475,000 ABC1 readers, 453,000 female and 452,000 male readers.

Its main shopper readership trounces rivals with 542,000 main shoppers reading the Sunday Independent every week. This is a key metric for advertisers seeking to get the biggest bang for their buck.

We give you access to more loyal (490,000 solus readers) quality (475,000 ABC1 readers) readers than any other national paper. Some 490,000 of our readers don't buy any other other Sunday newspaper.

However, the readership trends may not be accurately represented as the methodology changed midway through 2012. The new methodology was designed to track and differentiate between print and digital readership. However, the findings indicated a fall in the readership of all newspaper magazines and supplements. The structure of the methodology may have produced some rogue trends.

"We didn't feel that those falls were totally reflective of readership trends," said Robin Addis of Millward Brown Lansdowne which conducts the survey.

More than 80 per cent of people regularly read a printed newspaper, while just 11 per cent regularly read newspapers online, according to JNRS stats.

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