Tuesday 21 May 2019

Missing something? One third of us have lost a debit card on a night out

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Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

You know that sinking feeling when you awake after a heavy evening on the tiles?

One third of us have lost a debit card on a night out, with those living in Dublin the least likely to come home with their bit of plastic.

But, according to latest research carried out by KBC Bank Ireland, almost half of us (43pc) have mislaid the card in our own home.

More women admit they've lost their card this way, however, while men between the ages of 25 and 44 and living in Dublin are the most likely to lose it at all.

KBC Bank Ireland’s Director of Innovation, Eddie Dillon
KBC Bank Ireland’s Director of Innovation, Eddie Dillon

But, perhaps most irritating, is that 17pc of those surveyed said that they had found their card after they had reported it lost or stolen.

KBC Bank Ireland carried out the research following the launch of its new app which features an instant replacement service for lost or stolen cards.

The bank's Director of Innovation, Eddie Dillon, said that the loss of a card can be a significant inconvenience for customers.

"Our research also found that 15pc of those surveyed were unable to pay a bill on a date because they didn’t have a credit card, while almost one in four were unable to pay for their groceries for the same reason."

Further findings from the research show that 18-24-year olds are more than twice as likely to have lost their debit card at a festival, while 45-54-year olds are more likely to have lost it in their own home. 

Additional digital services on the app include the 'Instant Credit Card' whereby customers can apply for, receive a decision on and potentially have a digital credit card within one hour.

The virtual card will have a new PAN (Primary Account Number) and CVC reveal feature, allowing debit transactions up to €2,500 and credit transactions up to €10,000.

All general bank card services, such as travel notifications, lost or stolen card, and PIN reissues, can be managed through the app.

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