Sunday 26 January 2020

Mini blooper served on a plate

NOW there's nothing like paying attention to the little details, the Punt believes. So as it watched the new adverts being pedalled on the telly by insurer FBD, the Punt decided to do a little bit of investigative work.

The woman in one of the ads is busy driving her silver Ford Mondeo when she falls victim to a bird that pecks on the windscreen and cracks it, and a brazen thief who snatches her handbag from the front passenger seat when she stops. Shocking.

But she may also need to phone the gardai in relation to being the victim of another mix-up. When the Punt tapped the registration of the car the actress is driving into a freely available online vehicle registration checker, it transpires the 06 D registration plate does actually exist.

The only problem is, it doesn't belong to a Mondeo but rather to a two-door Mini Cooper. So, what happened to the Mini Cooper, the Punt wonders? Where did the Mondeo come from?

Irish Independent

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