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Mickey and friends set hearts on Dublin store

DISNEY said yesterday that it is targeting Dublin for the first time as it plans to open new, highly interactive, stores in upmarket shopping centres on both sides of the Atlantic.

"We feel if we offer one great store in the city of Dublin that will really create a true Disney destination, even in the face of challenging economic times, we can still be successful," Jim Fielding, president of Disney Stores Worldwide, said yesterday.

The company is on target to open at least 25 new and remodelled shops in North America and Europe this year.

The new stores sport more features to entertain shoppers, such as a table where children can assemble cars from the popular Disney-Pixar "Cars" movie to a two-story princess castle that kids can enter.

Disney plans to open stores in European countries which have never had a Disney Store like Ireland, Denmark and Belgium as well as North American markets ranging from Canada to Puerto Rico.

"Our strategy is really to focus on premier malls and premier shopping locations," Fielding added. "We try to move to countries where there is already a strong affinity for the Disney brand," he said.

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