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Wednesday 21 August 2019

Meet Aldi's youngest supplier...Irish teen's 'Muffin of the Moment' stocked for Christmas

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

One young Irish girl is realising her baking dream by having her homemade goods sold in stores nationwide.

Talented Éabha Campbell (16) was crowned the National Junior Baker in the Aldi Marquee at the National Ploughing Championships this year.

In addition to having her cookery skills recognised, the Éabha's prize included the opportunity to have her muffins stocked in stores for Christmas.

The Foróige girl's 'Muffin of the Moment' is now up for grabs in 128 Aldi stores across the country.

The "outstanding" spiced fruit centenary muffins - based on a traditional gur cake recipe which was sold on the streets of Dublin in 1916 - wowed judges at the National Junior Baking Competition.

“I have always loved baking and it brings back great memories of time spent with my mam and granny,” said reigning champion Éabha.

“I am very grateful to both Aldi and Foróige for this opportunity. I still can’t believe that my muffin is on sale in Aldi stores nationwide. I’m sure it won’t sink in until I see my product on shelf.”

‘Muffin of the Moment’ - a hamper of which were given out on Friday's Late Late Show are now available in all Aldi stores costing €1.79 for a two pack.

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