Monday 23 October 2017

Making business social: Optimising the instagram boost

Paul O’Mahony

WITH Instagram having been acquired by Facebook and now beginning to allow web profiles to be set up for the first time, should your business consider adding Instagram to your marketing mix?

Today, when you share a link to an Instagram photo on Facebook or Twitter, people can view that photo – but not much else. The roll-out of the company's new web profiles is aimed at addressing this.

Here are some ways to use Instagram right now to assist with your marketing plan:

• Use the small profile image, short bio and the photo history collage like Facebook where you put an emphasis on what problems your business can solve for clients.

• Geotag and name the locations of the pictures used, so you automatically add those to a broader search spectrum for people looking at pictures on Instagram.

• Use apt keywords in your photo titles suitable to your niche to allow your images to rank under Google searches, bringing you much more traffic.

• Use hashtags (which are allowed) to draw attention from the photos over to Twitter where you can explain your marketing objectives in more detail to prospective clients.

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