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LinkedIn encourages staff to bring parents into work


LinkedIn is urging staff to bring in their parents on November 6

LinkedIn is urging staff to bring in their parents on November 6


LinkedIn is urging staff to bring in their parents on November 6

Business-oriented social network LinkedIn has announced the return of its "Bring In Your Parents Day" initiative, which was piloted in Ireland last year.

The scheme encourages workers to bring their parents to work and give them a close-up view of their professional lives, and will be held across 16 countries on November 6.

"Parents can often be a valuable part of their child's professional network, however, our research reveals professionals aren't taking full advantage of their parents' experience and wisdom," says Sharon McCooey of LinkedIn Ireland.

"Bring In Your Parents Day is an opportunity for Irish parents to better understand their child's professional life and in turn share what they've learned from their own careers.

"It's also an opportunity for us to say thank you for the support our parents have given us," she added.

A survey carried out by LinkedIn with Opinium Research said 35pc of parents think they have the skills to help their child's career, but admit to holding back from giving advice.

And 12pc of the workers surveyed said they never thanked their parents for their guidance, while 58pc said they needed to thank their parents more often. "We ran the pilot for this last year, we had about 50 parents come into our office and we also sent about 100 videos to parents who had children working in our offices but lived in other countries," Ms McCooey told the Irish Independent.

"My own parents' generation doesn't know what an internet company looks like, so it was great from an education perspective ... parents are proud of their children and we want to give them the opportunity to see their children's accomplishments," she said.

"We think this is unique and we think is valuable to companies."

Some 24pc of Irish adults say they use LinkedIn, according to figures released by polling firm Ipsos MRBI earlier this week.

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