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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Lawyer Gerald's keen ideas

HIGH-PROFILE solicitor Gerald Kean has added his voice to calls for more action to dig the country out of the red.

In a speech delivered to the recent Chambers of Commerce dinner dance, the Dublin-based lawyer set out a raft of suggestions that he insisted needed to be urgently considered.

These include abolishing quangos, which he branded a national disgrace and claimed cost the taxpayer €15bn a year, scrapping the Seanad for at least five years and culling the number of semi-state boards.

He also called for less consideration of reports from the Dail Public Accounts Committee and instead more action, claiming producing reports at a huge cost to the taxpayer was not sufficient.

He also called for a proper tendering service, insisting that he believed he could undercut some of the "vested interest" and old boys' club which he claimed existed.

Mr Kean also claimed unemployment benefit should be paid to employers who take people off the dole and give them jobs.

And in a suggestion sure to win support from the public, he said a much tougher line must be taken with the troika in relation to outstanding loans and subordinate bond holders.

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