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Kitchen king Bobbett gives $2m to fund movie about heart disease

X Files star Gillian Anderson has teamed up with the makers of the Widowmaker – a film about heart disease, funded by a $2m cheque from Dublin entrepreneur David Bobbett's H&K.

Bobbett, whose company designs, manufactures and builds bespoke kicthens for McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and Subway restaurants in 80 countries, has skin in the game here, as he was diagnosed with a coronary calcification score of 906.

This score was equivalent to having arteries of an 87-year-old – despite the fact that David was only 51 at the time. He's trying to educate people about the risks and what can be done.

But the day job is still motoring along nicely. The firm will rebuild or rebuild close to 20,000 stainless steel kitchens around the world, with the H&K product helping serve 30 million people per day. H&K will have sales of over $500m (€365m) this year, Bobbett told me over a bowl of onion soup in Mayfield last week.

It's a profitable business, with peers in the industry generating single digit earnings. While he's got a couple of racehorses and was in the parade ring at Cheltenham last month, Bobbett is in no hurry to sell out or float the business.

The volatility of the business makes it unsuited to stock markets, he told me. But he's predicting big changes in the fast food sector, particularly in the way we order fast food – either through smartphones or other devices. This will completely alter the business.

But H&K, which has a 10-man research centre in Chicago, could be well ahead of the pack. Bobbett is also rebuilding 10,000 "high density" kitchens in the US to give burger joints the ability to react to customer demands.

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