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Kerr: Dragon projects are 'good, bad and ugly'


Bobby Kerr

Bobby Kerr

Bobby Kerr

FORMER Dragon's Den star Bobby Kerr is still financing eight projects that he backed on the show, describing the ventures as "the good, the bad and the ugly".

The entrepreneur revealed that one of the reasons he opted to leave was because he had backed the eight separate ventures and felt he had enough in his portfolio.

"You can only really help a certain number of businesses if you are going to do it properly and I felt I had reached that level. They are a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the ugly.

"Not all of them are great but they are all continuing on," he added.

But while he may have moved out of Dragon's Den, he revealed how he still watches it - and gets plenty of calls from people looking for his help. "The show is really a source of funding and a great way to promote a business. I still watch it and get plenty of people looking for business advice. I'm gone but not forgotten," he added.

The businessman also revealed how be believed it was a great time to set up a business in Ireland, pointing to an array of supports and grants.

Kerr was in Mayo to address GMIT students at a 'Spirit of Entrepreneurship' event on the college's Castlebar campus.

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