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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Keogh's to make a packet after bagging UK deal

Nicola Byrne and Tom Keogh of Keogh's Crisps. PIC Joe Keogh.
Nicola Byrne and Tom Keogh of Keogh's Crisps. PIC Joe Keogh.
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Irish crisp maker Keogh's has just struck a deal that could see it double the amount of crisps it sells in Britain.

Under the deal, the company's handmade crisps will go on sale in 255 of Tesco's British stores.

"The Irish market is extremely small," said Tom Keogh, managing director of Keogh's Crisps. "Our crisps are very much a high-end luxury product and you can't rely on a small market like Ireland for a product like that. So it's important for us to export. Britain has the highest consumption of crisps in the EU so it's up there in terms of market size."

Keogh's has been selling its crisps in Tesco Ireland stores since 2012. It already sells a small amount of crisps in Britain through Sainsbury's. "This deal could double our turnover in Britain and opens up the chance to try additional markets in Europe where we don't currently stock our products," said Keogh.

Keogh's recently started to export its crisps to Germany and France. "The feedback has been very good," said Keogh. "The crisps have a strong appeal in Germany because they don't have good high quality crisps in the German market."

The Keogh family have farmed potatoes for over 200 years in North County Dublin, and the crisps, which are produced on the family farm there, were launched in late 2011.

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