Jordan Casey: Six challenges I face as a 14-year-old chief executive

Waterford-based entrepreneur set up Casey Games

Ireland's youngest entrepreneur, 14 year old Jordan Casey

Jordan Casey

Jordan Casey is a 14-year-old Waterford-based entrepreneur who set up Casey Games, an apps development firm that has had hit games such as Greenboy Touch, Alien Ball V Humans and Food World. Here, he outlines the challenges he faces as a teenage tech prodigy.

Considering my age, I can't have staff members. I also can't actually run an office. Luckily, a lot of my friends (and my brother) are interested in technology. I've taught them a bit of programming and now we have something of a team. We don't work in a physical office but we work online together. We share ideas and our work through platforms like Skype. I think this could be the future of the workplace.

In 2013, I visited Silicon Valley to speak at a conference where I got the chance to see what the start-up ecosystem is like. I noticed that a lot more young people were succeeding and getting investment.

Age was not a barrier there. The focus was more on the business idea than the person. This seems to be changing in Europe a lot now for the better.

I get great ideas for games, applications and more. But many times I can't develop these ideas while continuing to keep developing the products I have. So sometimes I see these ideas b eing developed elsewhere. They're not exactly the same, but they sometimes have a similar theme. That sometimes frustrates me.

In general, Casey Games is going great. I recently submitted a new app which I plan to have available soon. Another startup I'm doing, TeachWare, is currently in development.

We are building an entire school management system which we hope to have available sometime in the next year.

I regard myself as very lucky in that I know I want to work in this industry and am clear about what I want for my future.

Sometimes it's frustrating, though, as I have to wait a few more years before I can really realise my dreams.

  • Jordan Casey's apps are available for iPhone and Android. His website is CaseyGamesWebsite.