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Thursday 22 August 2019

Johnny Ronan's plan for hundreds of homes in Dublin's docklands to bring 'substantial economic benefits'

Johnny Ronan
Johnny Ronan

Gordon Deegan

Plans by developer Johnny Ronan for 325 new homes and an 190-unit aparthotel in Dublin's docklands will bring substantial economic and social benefits to the docklands and the wider city.

That's according to planning consultant John Spain & Associates, which has also told the City Council that the development will secure the regeneration of a site in the north docklands.

Mr Spain has lodged the submission on behalf of Spencer Place Development Company, which is headed by Mr Ronan, pictured.

However, one resident living close to the proposed development site has implored the council to take locals' views into account when evaluating the application.

Christopher Flynn, who lives on Mayor Street, has told the council he has made the request "because I know we did not fit into the master plan, but we are the ones most affected".

"We are a row of six two-storey houses in a terrace that has been here for over 150 years. We look like we are going to be surrounded by high buildings all round in the near future.

"I hope these developments enhance the area and the community as a whole, but please take into account the existing residents' living standards and quality of life."

In his submission, Mr Spain said the proposal would contribute to delivering a new street - New Street - connecting Sheriff Street to Mayor Street.

On the impact of sunlight/daylight on surrounding properties, the report submitted by Mr Spain states that the proposed development will not significantly impact surrounding properties

Mr Spain states that the proposed development will contribute significantly to providing a residential population base in the area, continuing the wider area's economic revival.

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