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It's time to be positive, says chief of Greencore

IRELAND needs to move on from the economic crisis and focus on growing the economy, the head of one of the country's biggest companies has said.

In an interview with the Irish Independent, Greencore chief executive Patrick Coveney said there had been a "level of introspection" in Irish society during this recession that was notably absent in other countries.

"Outside of Ireland, the world has moved on from the financial crisis and, specifically, the banking crisis," he said. "In the large cities in the United States there is a momentum that business is back up and running.

"There are big fiscal challenges in Britain but they seem to have confidence that these problems are solvable.

"There has been a level of introspection here that I think is excessive."

Mr Coveney, whose firm is believed to be bidding for UK sandwich-maker Uniq, added that expansion for his company was unlikely to come in the form of a major deal after the failed merger with Northern Foods, but rather through smaller, bolt-on purchases.


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