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Friday 23 March 2018

It may not be for girls, but Yorkie no longer man-sized

Nick Webb

Nick Webb

It has fuelled thousands of big hairy truckers and it's definitely not for girls, but Yorkie bars have been losing some of their chunkability.

Nestle Ireland has quietly been shrinking the size of Yorkie Bars and Aeros as the price of chocolate rises.

The giant confectionery company confirmed to the Sunday Independent that Yorkies had indeed shrunk from 68 grammes to 64.5 grammes last February. Back in 2002 Yorkie bars were as big as 70 grammes, so the bars have decreased by around 8 per cent in just eight years. Yorkie King size bars have also had a bite taken out of them.

It's not just Yorkie that has shrunk, as Nestle has also hacked more than 10 per cent off standard Aero bars in the last year, shrinking from 46 grammes down to a measly 41 grammes in 2009. Aero sharing bars were reduced from 125 grammes to 120 grammes. Nestle Ireland declined to comment on whether Irish consumers were paying the same price for these smaller bars.

"Occasionally we make small changes to the size of our products, driven by a number of factors, including anything from a product reformulation to a change in packaging," said a spokeswoman.

Last year, Cadbury directed the "shrink ray" at some of its bars. Cadbury Ireland has also confirmed that Irish consumers will pay higher prices. "We have taken the necessary decision to increase prices across our range due to a number of economic factors," the company said. It declined to give out the price change as it was "commercially sensitive".

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