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Sunday 15 December 2019

ISME calls for cost reductions


The Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association called on the Government to focus on business cost reduction as new figures show that job creation is slowing. The association warned that anomalies in social welfare continue to hamper job creation.

"The main task of this Government is to foster an environment in which real employment can be created," ISME boss Mark Fielding said. "Job creation and job retention is being hampered by high business costs, an inept social welfare system and more recently, pronouncements from Labour ministers fuelling uneconomic wage expectations.

"Government must back and support the job creators; they must reduce government imposed business costs and introduce pro-business policies".

The Government should address the concerns of smaller businesses by focusing on cost competitiveness, with a concerted effort to tackle business costs. Other priorities should be tackling the social welfare trap and surge in the black economy, Mr Fielding added.

The small business lobby group also urged the Government to carry out the promised reform of the public sector including a pay freeze until 2017.

"While the Government cannot create jobs its responsibility is to foster an environment in which jobs can be created. Now is the time to kick-start the indigenous economy with improved flexibility," Mr Fielding said.

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