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Monday 19 August 2019

Isle drink to that: Lambay distillery plans move forward

Made to measure: Lambay Island Whiskeys
Made to measure: Lambay Island Whiskeys
John Mulligan

John Mulligan

The Baring family that owns Lambay Island off north county Dublin has been told to provide more information about how it will treat waste from a new microdistillery - producing whiskey and gin - it's planning to build there .

The island is owed by Alexander Baring, or the seventh Lord Revelstoke.

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His family was once behind the famous Barings Bank, which collapsed in 1995 after rogue trader Nick Leeson racked up huge losses there.

The Lambay Island owner has already joined forces with French cognac producer Camus Holdings, which has ploughed millions of euro into their Lambay Irish Whiskey brand.

The joint venture hasn't been making its own whiskey, but a limited amount of product has been matured on the island.

The planned micro distillery would only operate in spring and autumn, when the island's own natural spring is most

productive. The Lambay Estate company has also noted that the spring and autumn distilling will help it avoid the "worst sea conditions".

Malted barley will be shipped to the island, with 12 one-week whiskey production cycles planned for the distillery every year. About 400 litres of distillate will be produced as a result of every cycle.

Lambay Irish Whiskey is available in Ireland and in the United States.

Fingal County Council has told Lambay Estate Company that the proposed distillery is acceptable in principle.

However, it has asked the company to clarify how much distillate will be produced every year, and confirmation of the volume and nature of associated waste that will be removed from the island, and the destination of that waste.

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