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Irish startup Abodoo scores additional 100k funding as careers platform expands


Vanessa Tierney

Vanessa Tierney

Vanessa Tierney

A Wexford-based tech firm has been granted €100,000 in funding following its recent expansion into the UK market.

Irish careers platform Abodoo, which promotes remote working, has now secured over €400,000 in investments to date.

Voxpro founder Dan Kiely - who sold his company last year for an estimated €150m - invested €200,000 in the budding site at the start of the year.

Tom O’Neill, New Work Junction and e-learning company Laragh Courseware also invested in the tech startup.

Enterprise Ireland has now designated Abodoo as a 'High Potential Start-Up' (HPSU) and granted the company €100K.

Abodoo has already established partnerships with leading employers offering remote and flexible career opportunities nationwide.

Its intention for 2018 and beyond is to continue its expansion across Europe.

Co-founder Vanessa Tierney, said that as Ireland nears full employment, remote working could be the answer to addressing some of the country’s skills shortages.

"Remote and flexible working makes economic and environmental sense and can vastly improve the quality of life for workers.

"Businesses now understand that SmartWorking can lead to cost-savings, better retention levels, higher rates of employee satisfaction and an increase in diversity due to our anonymous matching which eliminates any unconscious bias from the selection process.

"From the employee’s perspective, they can save travel costs, as well as hundreds of hours of travel time and the stress of a daily commute."

The mum-of-two was inspired to set up the firm when she realised first-hand the benefits of remote working and flexible family life.

Already, thousands of employees have registered on the online careers platform, who typically earn between €40,000-€60,000 per year.

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