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Irish Rail looks to brighten up trips with glossy magazine

DEPENDING on your point of view, a long train journey can be either a fabulous opportunity to relax and watch the world go by, or the most boring few hours of your life.

Whichever category you're in, Irish Rail's publication of a new magazine for passengers is surely a welcome development.

'Go Rail' is a glossy magazine designed to "engage and entertain" passengers. Irish Rail claims it is an "exciting lifestyle magazine covering business, travel, food, celebrity, sport, music, fashion, leisure and more".

It will be published quarterly and distributed free of charge on every train in the Republic of Ireland as well as at all the major train stations.

The magazine is to be published by 'Hot Press' publisher Osnovina.

'Go Rail' editor Mairin Sheehy said: "With features on sport, music, fashion and celebrity as well as the arts, business and finance, no matter what your interests, the promise is that 'Go Rail' will make great reading."

A spokesperson for Irish Rail added: "We want our customers to enjoy every Intercity journey to the full."

Coke mission

COCA-COLA has launched a new online campaign that it says encourages fans to get involved in the company's 125th anniversary celebrations which begin on May 8.

As part of the build-up to the celebrations, Coke says the new viral retro poster campaign will give Coca-Cola fans an opportunity to star in their own version of one of the many Coca-Cola posters which have appeared throughout the company's existence.

The new website, Coca-Cola Retro Poster Maker, will allow fans to "immortalise themselves" and engage with the company.

Video experience

INDEPENDENT Digital is launching a 'best in class' online video management system (VMS) for users, and expects this sector of display advertising to grow significantly.

Users of Independent.ie will see a "Video Carousel" on the home page that presents the latest video to users in a "fast moving and engaging fashion".

A unique feature to Independent.ie is that the new Video Management System uses technology that allows videos to be played and viewed across the site's mobile, iPhone, iPad apps and products.

"Making sure we delivered a really great video solution on all platforms especially iPhone and iPad was a key goal for us," said Independent Digital chief executive Ian Byrne.

"At the moment a lot of the mass market video solutions simply do not work on the Apple platform which is a big disappointment for readers and advertisers."

As well as the benefits to readers, the innovation now enables the Independent Digital Sales team to offer advertisers/brand managers the ability to target their video advertising campaign by audience profile, to particular content sections or to a particular video player.

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