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Irish med tech Diaceutics campaigns for more awareness of 'precision medicine' as part of World Cancer Day partnership


Founder and CEO of Diaceutics Peter Keeling

Founder and CEO of Diaceutics Peter Keeling

Founder and CEO of Diaceutics Peter Keeling

An Irish med tech firm is sponsoring World Cancer Day in partnership with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) in an effort to highlight the importance of early stage cancer detection, screening and diagnosis.

Dundalk-based Diaceutics also released global research which revealed that cancer patients are facing delays in getting biomarker tests and, subsequently, potentially lifesaving treatments.

Through the new partnership, Diaceutics and its non-profit arm, the Precision MedicineConnective, intend to spread awareness of precision medicine through UICC’s 1000+ global membership network, more than a third of which are patient advocacy groups.

The research of US and UK-based cancer patients diagnosed in the last three years found that the majority (63pc) found the concept of biomarkers and genetic tests harder to understand than information about diagnosis and tests, treatments and side effects.

Founder and CEO of Diaceutics Peter Keeling said that 48pc of the patients surveyed are familiar with the term "precision medicine" despite the fact that 60pc report being tested for biomarkers.

"So while they know targeted therapies exist, they are unfamiliar with all of the terminology. In order to effectively empower patients, we need to ensure they are speaking the same language as their physicians and that is something that we will work with the whole cancer community to address," he said.

Founded in Geneva in 1933, UICC has over 1,100 members in 170 countries, and spearheads World Cancer Day which takes place every year on February 4.

UICC CEO Dr Cary Adams said that this year’s focus on World Cancer Day is the importance of early detection in the battle against cancer and that is at the heart of what Diaceutics does.

"We look forward to working together to raise awareness and stem the tide of the increasing number of cancer deaths around the world."

Last month, Diaceutics announced the opening a new regional hub in Singapore in an effort to expend its presence across the Asian market.

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Diaceutics also has offices in the US, UK and Ireland.

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