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Irish Indeed staff will go back to work tomorrow after suspected coronavirus case found to be negative


Concerns: Indeed’s office, in Capital Dock, Dublin, under went a deep clean by staff in protective clothing

Concerns: Indeed’s office, in Capital Dock, Dublin, under went a deep clean by staff in protective clothing

Concerns: Indeed’s office, in Capital Dock, Dublin, under went a deep clean by staff in protective clothing

More than 1,000 staff at tech firm Indeed’s Irish offices will return to work on Wednesday after a suspect case of coronavirus in Singapore was found to be negative.

Family members of an Indeed employee in Singapore have tested negative for the coronavirus, the company said.

The tests on the family took place after the member of staff in the Asian country told the company they were potentially exposed to virus.

On Monday around 1,000 Dublin-based staff at the tech multinational were told to stay away from their offices until February 17 to prevent possible exposure to virus.

However, a spokesperson for Indeed today said it anticipates all employees who have been working from home will return to their offices on Wednesday following the negative test results.

“We would like to thank them for their cooperation, patience and understanding as this situation evolved,” the spokesperson said.

There have been no cases of the coronavirus in Ireland so far and more than 30 patients have tested negative for the illness.

Indeed said it took the decision to ask staff to work from home after family members of an employee in the Singapore office were tested for coronavirus, including one person who was hospitalised with pneumonia.

The Irish and Australian offices were shut as a precaution because some staff who had visited Singapore were also in the company's Dublin and Sydney office recently, Indeed said.

Meanwhile, it emerged today that tests have been carried out on 65 patients suspected of having the coronavirus and all have proved negative so far.

Dr Cillian De Gascun, Chair of the Coronavirus Expert Advisory Group, a sub group of the National Public Health Emergency Team, said: "We're continuing to monitor reported transmission events in the UK, Singapore, and Germany but the number of confirmed cases in the EU remains low, and no new countries have reported cases in the last 24 hours.

Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health, Dr Tony Holohan said: "We remain prepared for a confirmed case of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)."

"The Irish health system is currently operating a containment strategy in line with global practice, and all our efforts are focused on identifying suspected cases as they arise and initiating measures to prevent onward transmission of the virus.”

He said the National Public Health Emergency Team continues to coordinate response efforts between the Health Service and other Government Departments and agencies, to ensure a comprehensive response in the event of a confirmed case."

“Anyone returning from China in the last 14 days, and experiencing symptoms associated with Covid-19 (Coronavirus), is instructed to self- isolate and contact the health service via phone or email.”

Over 4,800 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packs have been distributed to GP Out of Hours Services, Public Health Departments and GP Practices. A further 1,200 PPE packs are due to go out to GP practices today.

The National Ambulance Service also has detailed plans in place and is working closely with other agencies to ensure a co-ordinated response to possible cases."

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is spread through contact and droplets so good cough and sneeze hygiene, with regular hand washing, is the best way to keep well.

The general public is encouraged to inform themselves on prevention measures issued by HSE and to follow HPSC for regular daily updates.

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