Tuesday 24 October 2017

Irish duo steer Norwegian's transatlantic Max flagship

A Boeing 737 Max
A Boeing 737 Max
John Mulligan

John Mulligan

The two Irish pilots who flew Norwegian's first Boeing 737 Max aircraft from Seattle to Oslo yesterday have said the airline continues to push boundaries, changing the face of transatlantic travel.

Godfrey Higgins, director of flight operations for Norwegian Air International (NAI) Norwegian's Ireland-based subsidiary, and Pat Campbell, NAI's chief pilot for 737s, flew the new jet to Oslo in advance of it being used on Irish routes.

The jet will undergo some final certification before flying passengers from airports including Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Belfast to the US.

"It's a good product," said Mr Campbell of the groundbreaking aircraft. "We hope the Irish like it."

Mr Campbell joined the airline in 2015. He flew with Aer Lingus for over 30 years, and was on transatlantic services before he took redundancy at 50. This was after former Aer Lingus CEO Christoph Mueller set about cutting headcount soon after he took over in 2010.

Mr Higgins worked for Ryanair for more than 20 years before joining Norwegian three years ago.

"I'm enjoying it. It's a new lease of life," said Mr Campbell. Both pilots now fly about once a month to maintain their rating.

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