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Irish companies help raise €32m for charity


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Companies in Ireland contributed over €32m to charities and community groups last year while employees racked up 227,144 volunteer hours, new research has shown.

The data was collated by Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI), a non-profit network that encourages corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The results show that 56 companies in Ireland have formed nearly 7,000 community links and have contributed over €32m.

Nationally, more than €11.7m was given in cash donations - €14.9m was contributed through in-kind donations with almost €5.4m raised through employee fundraising.

The figures for 2016 represent an increase on 2015 where employee volunteering rose by 5pc and there was a 15pc increase in combined cash donations, in kind and employee fundraising.

"Community engagement is just one part of corporate social responsibility. In addition, companies must look at how they also engage with their own employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and much more," said BITCI CEO Tina Roche.

Health projects received the most amount of funding, with €10.3m raised over the course of the year. Community projects got over €6m, while educational initiatives received €3.5m.

Charity groups in Dublin received the largest amount of funding, with over €18m contributed by 56 companies. BITCI said this figure included national charities headquartered in the country.

Galway received just over €4m in funding, while Cork took in €1.5m. Limerick charities received €757,000.

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